Industrial automation is a fairly wide area of components, tools and methods that reduce human intervention in certain technological processes. And as a result, eliminate the influence of the "human factor" on these processes, reduce the cost of production and increase the efficiency of industrial processes. Our range includes the main most popular and common components for building industrial automation. At the best prices, you can buy universal blocks that allow you to set up simple automation and control of both industrial and some household processes in the simplest and most affordable way.

Timers and time relays are one of the most demanded groups - they allow you to remove the need for time control over a wide variety of processes and shift this task to a device that you can buy at an affordable price and get rid of many worries.

Relays for monitoring current, voltage and phases and circuit breakers and limits can not only control the relevant parameters, but also protect expensive equipment from failure, and prevent thousands of losses from breakdowns and downtime. To avoid this, it is enough to buy an appropriate relay at a very low price relative to the protected equipment.

Also in this section you will find control systems for monitoring and maintaining temperature processes, housing and installation products for industrial automation, and much more. The main manufacturers represented in this group are: Novatek-electro, DigiTop.

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