Laser Emitters


Laser emitters are optoelectronic components that include semiconductor laser diodes and laser modules with built-in control circuits. The price of laser emitters of well-known companies, such as,

Komoloff, LECC, Iroyal, Osram , depends on the technical characteristics of each of the components.

Laser diodes are a semiconductor element, a laser source of optical radiation. Structurally, they are made on the basis of aluminum gallium arsenide, in solid metal cases with output quartz lenses. The choice of the component is carried out according to the main parameters: wavelength (nm), radiation power (mW), operating voltage (V), color of the glow. Laser diodes are widely used in various measuring equipment, such as laser rangefinders, CD and DVD players, fiber-optic communication lines, and medical equipment.

Laser modules are laser diodes with optical focusing components and current drivers that control the power supply of laser diodes. The laser module is equipped with a focusing or collimating lens for a certain form of radiation, it can be a point, a cross or a line. Structurally, the modules are made in all-metal cases with a built-in control circuit, and leads for batteries, the voltage of which, on average, is 3.2 ... 5V, with the exception of modules with a power of more than 50mW.

Powerful laser modules from the manufacturer Komoloff B 100, 150, 250, 500, 800, 1000, 2000 with a blue glow are made with an external driver powered by a 12V voltage source. The price of the product depends on its parameters and design. The choice of product is made according to the main characteristics, radiation power (mW / W), wavelength (nm), type of radiation (dot / line / cross) and color of the glow (green, red, blue).

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