ACP tuning resistors


ACP company is a world-famous manufacturer of passive components, founded in 1988 in Tarazona (Spain). The ACP product range includes rotary position sensors, potentiometers, switches. ACP components have found wide application in household appliances, measuring equipment, telecommunications equipment, audio-video equipment, automotive industry. In the assortment of our company, ACP tuning resistors have become the most widespread.

A tuning resistor is a passive electronic component, the main characteristic of which is the resistance to electric current, varying within specified limits.

According to the design options and installation features , ACP tuning resistors are presented in the following series:

Technical characteristics and features of ACP tuning resistors:

  • Housing: plastic, with a degree of protection of IP65.
  • Overall dimensions of the housing: 6.5x6.5x3.6 mm (for CA6H, CA6V series), 9.8x10x5 mm (for CA9V series).
  • Resistive element: carbon film.
  • The angle of rotation is mechanical: 235° ±10°.Angle of rotation electric: 215°±20°.
  • Maximum torque in the extreme position: 4 N*cm.
  • Accuracy: ±20% for resistances of 100 ohms – 1 mOhm.The dependence of the resistance on the angle of rotation: linear.
  • Maximum power dissipation at 40°C:0.10 watts.Maximum voltage: 100 V.
  • Operating temperature: -25...+70°C.
  • In ACP tuning resistors, a highly stable electrical contact is provided by a wide surface contact between the terminals and the resistive element.

The form factor is selected based on the criterion of optimal installation of the component on the board for automatic installation.
More detailed technical specifications are presented in the Specifications for tuning resistors on the product page.