Ultrasonic sensor module B59110W2111W032


Modul' ul'trazvukovogo datchika B59110W2111W032

The compact ultrasonic sensor module B59110W2111W032 is designed to detect objects using ultrasonic waves that are transmitted and received by a single piezoelectric disk. The compact design has excellent electromagnetic compatibility characteristics.

Powered by a driver and an integrated piezoelectric disk, the integrated ASIC signal processor can calculate the propagation time of a signal with a repetition rate of up to 50 samples per second.

Ustrojstvo modulya ul'trazvukovogo datchika B59110W2111W032

This allows you to measure distances from 18 cm to 200 cm. To detect an object at a close distance of up to 4 cm, two or more sensors can be used, in the so-called feed and capture mode, in which one sensor is the sender and the others act as receivers of echoes of ultrasonic pulses.

The module is mounted into the device housing using a locking nut with an M19 thread or snap-on hooks, connected to the control board by a cable, which makes it immune to external mechanical vibrations that can distort the measurement result. The design is protected from moisture and dust in accordance with IP65 and IP67. Operating temperature range -40°C... +85°C, rated supply voltage 12 V.

The module operates in a wide range of lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to complete darkness, and provides accurate measurements regardless of the object's color and optical transparency. This, as well as the robust sensor housing, make it ideal for numerous industrial and harsh environment applications.

Main application areas

  • Obstacle detection and collision avoidance systems in mobile systems (automated guided vehicles and automated mobile robots)
  • Distance measurement in stationary systems (level measurement)
Oblasti primeneniya ul'trazvukovogo datchika B59110W2111W032. Izmerenie rasstoyaniya v stacionarnyx sistemax (izmerenie urovnya)
Oblasti primeneniya ul'trazvukovogo datchika B59110W2111W032. Avtomatizirovannye upravlyaemye transportnye sredstva
Oblasti primeneniya ul'trazvukovogo datchika B59110W2111W032. Promyshlennye roboty