Electromagnetic interference suppression chokes of the BLM series


Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is one of the significant factors affecting the operation of electronic devices. Therefore, the elimination of electromagnetic interference is a mandatory requirement of electromagnetic compatibility for almost any electronic devices and devices, regardless of their purpose. One of the effective means of suppressing electromagnetic interference in data transmission lines and power supply is the use of special inductors – chokes.

The EMF suppression chokes of the BLM series are an inductor of the ferrite bead type in a surface-mounted SMD design designed to suppress electromagnetic interference in power supply lines, as well as in data transmission lines, including high-speed interfaces.

Vneshnij vid i ustrojstvo drosselya podavleniya EMP serij BLMAppearance and device of the EMF suppression choke of the BLM series

A distinctive feature of the BLM series is a pronounced gradation depending on the application, frequency range and transmitted current. Together, such an extended classification allows you to choose a suitable series of EMF suppression throttles for any electronic device.

Klassifikaciya drosselej serij BLMClassification of BLM series chokes

All possible dimensions of EMF throttles in the BLM series are encoded by a two-digit code in the name of the throttle. The presented range of sizes allows you to select chokes of appropriate dimensions for any size of SMD mounting. The most popular in our range are chokes with overall dimensions of the BLM18, BLM21, BLM31, BLM41 series.

Gabaritnye razmery i ix kod v naimenovanii serij BLMOverall dimensions and their code in the name of the BLM series

The key parameters for choosing an electromagnetic interference choke are – impedance (expressed in ohms) at a frequency of 100 MHz and for high-speed transmission lines at a frequency of 1 Ghz, rated current, DC resistance. Typical characteristic of the resistance (impedance) depending on the frequency on the example of the throttle BLM18PG121SN1:

Harakteristika soprotivleniya v zavisimosti ot chastotyResistance characteristic depending on frequency

In more detail, the technical characteristics of electromagnetic interference suppression chokes of the BLM series are presented in the Specifications on the product page.