CD60 series – starting capacitors for asynchronous electric motors


To date, asynchronous electric motors are the most common type of electric motor due to the simplicity of the design, its control, and excellent operational characteristics. However, such motors operate only in AC power grids – three-phase or single-phase, provided that an additional working capacitor is used to shift the phase between the motor windings. To start the electric motor before it enters the operating mode, as a rule, an additional source of energy is required – a starting capacitor.

The CD60 series of capacitors is one of the most common and popular types of starting capacitor. CD60 capacitors are metallized electrolytic film capacitors of constant capacity in a sealed cylindrical housing, accumulate a charge from 50mkF to 1000mkF at an AC operating voltage from 220V to 450V. The maximum permissible deviation of the capacity is ± 20%.

Внешний вид пусковых конденсаторов CD60Appearance of CD60 starting capacitors

The name has the following interpretation:
C – capacitor;
D – electrode: aluminum foil and electrolyte; dielectric: aluminum oxide Al 2 O 3;
60 - aluminum cylindrical body; polycarbonate shell.
Also, the nominal capacitance, rated voltage and operating frequency are indicated on the capacitor housing.

The purpose of the capacitor fully describes its name – the starting capacitor is used only at the time of starting the asynchronous motor. After the running engine has reached the set power and frequency, the starting capacitor is turned off. Starting capacitors are used in certain types of engines and in the case when it is necessary to start the engine, on the shaft of which there is any load that prevents the free rotation of the shaft. The operating time of the starting capacitor is very short (a few seconds), a longer operating time of the starting capacitor can lead to additional overheating of both the capacitor itself and the electric motor.

CD60 capacitors have found application in the start-up and operation of asynchronous electric motors, refrigeration compressors, in air conditioning systems (condensers for air conditioners), ventilation systems, as noise-suppressing capacitors in washing and washing machines, household appliances, electric pumps, as well as in various machines and units of industrial type.

Main technical characteristics of CD60 series starting capacitors

  • Capacitance ranges by capacitor types: 50uF...1000uF.
  • Capacity tolerance: ±20%.
  • Rated voltage: 300V AC.
  • Operating temperature range: -10°C...+60°C.
  • Operating frequency: 50/60Hz.

More detailed technical parameters of CD60 capacitors are presented in the documentation on the product page.