Global update of ChipDipStudio v0.99. All resources of the REFLEX 2.0 USB transport are available


Introducing the official release of ChipDipStudio v 0.99.
Integrated development environment ChipStudio now includes full management of all resources USB Hi-Res transport up to 32bit/768kHz, 4xI2S, stereo, multichannel up to 7.1 if you choose it as a project controller.
32 GPIO lines to which 32 buttons/switches, 32 LEDs, 255 address RGB LEDs of the Neopixel type, 15 variable resistors, 8 encoders can be connected.
The speed of loading projects into the controller has been increased eight times.
Now you can build the most fantastic sound control algorithms in all our digital audio processors. Moreover, you can control both input and output audio streams.
Any projects, in any case, during the test tests we were not able to create a large in complexity, but a real audio project that would not fit into the REFLEX 2 memory. And these were a multi-channel mixing console, a home eight-channel cinema, an electric guitar effects processor, and a "Vocal Sweetener" algorithm.
You can download ChipDipStudio v0.99 from any page of our website from the "Digital Sound" section.
For REFLEX 2, don't forget to update the firmware. The current version today is the Reflex_2.0_v2.0.1 firmware (10/30/2023)
To update the firmware, use the new updater. ChipUpdater v1.1 (24.10.2023).

Attention beta testers! The REFLEX 3 controller is included in the chip studio. This is a full-fledged option. The firmware for REFLEX 3 will be sent out individually.