Ionistors K58-26 from Elecond


Ionistory K58-26 ot Elekond

Elecond JSC is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of aluminum, tantalum capacitors, supercapacitors and modules based on them. Today it is a modern high-tech enterprise with a full production cycle for the manufacture of electrolytic capacitors.

Capacitors are used in the radioelectronic, instrument-making, aviation industry, Russian Railways, communications, oil and gas industry, power electronics and other special and general industrial equipment.

Supercapacitors (ionistors) are a separate type of non-chemical electric energy storage devices. In comparison with chemical electric energy storage devices (batteries), the distinctive features of supercapacitors are:

  • high specific power
  • fast recharge
  • operating time up to 500,000 cycles
  • long service life up to 25 years
  • immunity to the charge level

K58-26 supercapacitors for general industrial purposes are designed for a nominal voltage of 2.7 V and have a number of capacities from 1F to 100F. The operating temperature range of ionistors is from -50°From up to +65°C.

During production, each batch of capacitors undergoes 100% control according to the main parameters: capacity, resistance, leakage current.

Elektricheskie parametry kondensatorov K58-26

Gabarity i massa kondensatorov K58-26

CHertezhi korpusov kondensatorov K58-26

The K58-26 ionistors fully comply with foreign analogues in terms of electrical parameters, overall and connection dimensions.


K58-26 supercapacitors are used in various fields, including renewable energy sources, electric transport and uninterruptible power supply systems. The ionistor quickly accumulates and releases energy, which makes it ideal for use in situations requiring high power for a short time. Its durability and reliability make it the preferred choice for systems where a long service life is required without compromising performance.