Expanding the range of electrolytic capacitors

Конденсаторы серии JNE

The CHIP and DIP company has expanded the nominal range of the JNE series capacitors range from JB Capacitors.

JNE is a series of general purpose capacitors with a failure time of 2000 hours. The capacitors have snap-in terminals. Snap-on terminals make the installation of capacitors the most comfortable, they securely hold the capacitor on the circuit board. The capacitors of the JNE series have miniature dimensions and basic parameters of the operating temperature range from -40°C to +105°C.

The JNE series is an analog and excellent alternative to such capacitor series as HS from Jamicon, EHP from Hitano, HE from Samwha, LG from Yageo, B41252 from EPCOS.

Main technical characteristics

  • Rated capacity 39~33000 UF
  • Working voltage 16V~600V
  • Operating temperature range -40°C ~ +105°C
  • Capacity tolerance: ±20%

Capacitors are used in electronics, telecommunications, power supplies, filters.

The production of Jb Capacitors has an international certification according to the ISO9001:2015 quality standard. The manufactured products comply with the requirements of VDE, CE, ENEC and the RoHS Directive. The company is constantly improving its products in terms of applied technologies, design, and improves product quality control.

The CHIP and DIP company is the official distributor of Jb Capacitors. Our product range includes the most popular series of capacitors:

Серия JYC

JYC series – high voltage ceramic capacitors of radial type

Серия JYM

JYM series – multilayer ceramic capacitors of radial type

Серия JFA

JFA series – metal film capacitors (analog of the K73-17 series)

Серия JFB

JFB Series – Polyester film capacitors

Серия JFS

JFS series – starting capacitors for electric motors

Серия JRB

JRB series – general purpose aluminum electrolytic capacitors (analog of the K50-35 series)

Серия JRC

JRC Series – aluminum electrolytic capacitors with Low Impedance

Серия JNE

JNE Series – Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with Snap-in terminals

Серия JCK

JCK series – aluminum electrolytic capacitors for surface mounting

For more detailed technical specifications, see the Specifications for the capacitors on the product page.