Solid-state GDL5 relays manufactured by GREEGOO


Твердотельные реле GDL5 производства GREEGOO

A lot has been written and said about the advantages of solid-state relays over electromagnetic ones. The disadvantages of solid-state relays are also well known. This is the price exceeding the cost of electromagnetic relays, this is the need for cooling when using them, this is the presence of leakage current. But an equally important factor is the manufacturability of replacing an electromagnetic relay with a solid-state one. Solid-state relays differ from electromagnetic relays by the type of housing, the method of connecting control and switching circuits, the method of installation, etc.

The Chinese company GREEGOO, known as a manufacturer of power and switching equipment, has attempted to simplify the process of replacing electromagnetic relays with solid-state ones by releasing solid-state relays of the GDL5 series.

Solid-state relays GDL5 are solid-state relays located in the housing of a standard electromagnetic relay of standard size 12x29mm. The most well-known relays of this standard size include the 46 series relay manufactured by FINDER.

The relays have 1 or 2 groups of normally open contacts, and are designed to operate in circuits with a current load of 1, 3 or 5A. However, it should be borne in mind that the nominal value of the current in the circuit should be 1:2 of the value of the current in the marking for a resistive load, and 1:2.5 of the current value for an inductive load. In other words, a relay with a current value of 5A can be safely used in resistive load circuits with a rated current of up to 2.5 A. However, this feature applies to almost all types of solid-state relays.

In addition, when replacing an electromagnetic relay with a solid-state one, it is necessary to take into account such a phenomenon as "leakage current". Unlike electromagnetic relays, solid-state relays, when removing the control voltage, never completely open the switched circuit. Leakage current is the current present in the load circuit even if there is no control voltage on the relay. For GDL5 relay, the leakage current is not more than 0.1mA.

Since GDL5 relays have standard dimensions for electromagnetic relays (except for the height of the housing), it is quite possible to use standard pads for mounting the relay on a DIN rail, panel, or board. For these purposes, relay pads of the SRT05 series (for GDL51 relays), and SRT08 and SRU08 (for GDL52 relays) manufactured by the Chinese company Shenler may be suitable. At the same time, do not forget that, since the height of the GDL5 relay housing differs from the height of the Shenler relay housing, the pads should be used without a locking element.

Main technical parameters

Contact set1 lock.1 lock.1 lock.2 the lock.2 the lock.2 the lock.
Control voltage, In DC4-32
Control current, mA6-18
Shutdown voltage, V≤1,5
Switching voltage, V4-2404-24024-4404-2404-24024-440
Load current, A135135
Power-on time, msec.10
Shutdown time, msec.10
Insulation resistance, mOm≥100
Operating temperature,°C -30…+80
Permissible current in the load circuit1/2 of the rated voltage for resistive load,
1/2.5 of the nominal value for inductive load
Leakage current, mA≤0,1

1-channel and 2-channel relay switching circuit

Схема коммутации 1-канального реле GDL5Схема коммутации 2-канального реле GDL5

Overall dimensions

Габаритные размеры реле GDL5