The new REFLEX 3.0 is uncompromising Hi-Res Audio. Novelties of own production


Reflex 3.0 in its characteristics and sound is not much different from Reflex 2.0 Pro.
Why him? See the drawing. We made the Reflex 3 fully compatible with our first Reflex, i.e. it can be easily installed in those devices that you created on the first Reflex or replace the first one in any CDD-010 or CDD-011 DAC.

The second distinctive feature is a 40-pin connector, which displays all the same signals as the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Feel free to remove RasPi from any DSP Machine and install Reflex 3.0 instead. Without any changes in the Sigma Studio and Chip Studio projects, you will immediately be able to listen to the true Hi-Res Audio sound up to 384kHz/32bit by connecting to a personal computer with Windows, Linux, iOS or an Android smartphone.

Reflex 3.0 is designed to play and record digital audio in Hi-Res Audio format via the USB audio class 2.0 port. The module allows you to play files with a maximum sampling rate of 384 kHz and a maximum resolution of 32 bits.
With any configuration of the built-in eight channels – from Stereo to 7.1 in PCM mode.
Hi-Res Audio recording is possible with the same high quality as playback - 384kHz/32bit in Stereo mode.
For Reflex 3.0, all the functions of professional Reflex 2.0 Pro are available in ChipStudio. You can connect any module from the Digital Sound series to it.

Reflex, Reflex 3.0, Raspberry Pi

In the photos, Reflex 3.0 is already installed in the DSP Machine and CDD-011 DAC

DSP Machine
DSP Machine Rear
CDD-011 Rear