VA57-35 Circuit breakers in a cast housing for currents from 16A to 250A from KEAZ

ВА57-35 Автоматические выключатели в литом корпусе на токи от 16А до 250А от КЭАЗ

Three-pole circuit breakers of the KEAZ series VA57-35 are designed for use in electrical circuits with a voltage of 400 / 690 V AC with a frequency of 50 and 60 Hz and 110 / 220 / 440 In direct current, their protection against short-circuit currents, overload currents, unacceptable voltage drops, as well as for infrequent operational switching on and off. They are available in a wide range and adapted to Russian conditions. The characteristics of the products fully comply with the requirements of industry standards. The products are manufactured for various climatic conditions (including UHL3). Models for various industries are presented, including those with River Register acceptance.

The model range includes various devices:

  • For rated currents In from 16 to 250 A;
  • With a current frequency of 50/60 Hz;
  • The number of poles is 2, 3.

For the BA57-35 series, versions with various types of drive are optionally available: manual, manual remote, electromagnetic 230AC, electromagnetic 400AC. The range includes products with and without thermal, electromagnetic, thermal and electromagnetic release devices.

The devices provide rear, front connection of external conductors. The type of installation is plug—in, pull-out, as well as stationary with mounting on the panel.


  • Rated switch currents up to 250 A;
  • Breaking capacity – up to 110 kA (DC), up to 44 kA (AC);
  • A wide range of fixed setpoints of electromagnetic release devices;
  • Versions with adjustable thermal and electromagnetic disconnectors allow adjustments to be made under load during commissioning and operation, to modernize power supply systems (increase the load), to adjust the selectivity of protections;
  • Auxiliary contacts (VC) and auxiliary alarm contacts (VCS) of automatic shutdown;
  • Independent release (HP);
  • Minimum (RMN) and zero voltage (RNN) release devices;
  • Electromagnetic drive (EP);
  • Manual remote drive for operating through the door;
  • Locking device;
  • Retractable design;
  • Rear connection of the stationary switch;
  • A huge selection of sets of clips and accessories.