Solid-state drive SSD DC1000B M.2 NVMe for servers from Kingston


Твердотельный накопитель SSD DC1000B M.2 NVMe для серверов от Kingston

Kingston's DC1000B drive for data centers is a high-performance SSD solid-state drive with NVMe specification and PCIe M standard.2 (2280), equipped with the latest PCIe Gen 3.0 x 4 interface with 64-layer 3D TLC NAND memory. The DC1000B drive for enterprise-class servers is a cost-effective boot disk solution, providing confidence in quality and reliability. The DC1000B drive is ideal for use in high-volume rack servers as an internal boot disk(s), as well as for use in specialized systems that require a high-performance SSD M.2, Equipped with built-in power loss protection (PLP) function.

Solid-state drives SSD M.2 with NVMe specification are evolving in the data center environment, providing efficient server bootstrapping to preserve valuable front-loaded disk sections for data storage. Direct manufacturers of Tier 1 and Whitebox server hardware are beginning to equip server motherboards with one or sometimes two M.2 connectors to provide bootstrapping. Although the M.2 form factor was originally developed as a form factor for a client-side solid-state drive, its small physical size and high performance make it attractive for use in a server environment.

Areas of application

Boot disks are mainly used for booting the OS, but today in many cases the boot disk has a secondary purpose, which is to register application data and/or use it in the configuration of a high-speed local cache drive. Therefore, the DC1000B drive was designed with increased wear resistance (with a total disk volume overwrite factor of 0.5 per day (DWPD) for 5 years) to cope with the workload imposed by the OS, as well as the additional write workload associated with caching and data logging. In addition to providing long-term reliability, the DC1000B is designed to provide enterprise-class performance stability and low latency features that are usually not available in client-side solid-state drives.

It is available in 240GB and 480GB capacity options.

Key Features

Performance M.2 (2280) NVMe. Exceptional speeds of up to 2.6GB/s and 200 thousand I/O operations per second (IOPS).
Optimized boot disk for servers. Improved for bootstrap workloads, as well as for caching and logging application data.
Built-in power loss protection (PLP). Reduce the chance of data loss and/or corruption in the event of an unexpected power outage.
Maximum increase in the number of disk sections. Internal movement of boot disks frees up sections of front-loaded disks for additional data storage.

Technical parameters

The form factorM.2, 22mm x 80mm (2280)
InterfacePCIe NVMe Gen3 x4
Capacity options 1240 GB, 480 GB
NAND memory3D TLC
Self-encrypting Disk (SED)With 256-bit AES encryption
Sequential read/write speed240 GB — 2200 MB/s / 290 MB/s
480 GB — 3200 MB/s / 565MB/s
Read/write speed of 4KB blocks at constant loads240GB – 111 000 /12 000 IOPS (I/O operations per second)
480GB — 205 000 /20 000 IOPS
Reading delay time (medium)161mx
Recording delay time (Wednesday)75mx
Protection against power outage (capacitors)Yes
SMART system performance monitoring and telemetrySMART, telemetry and other enterprise-class diagnostic functions
Resource240 GB — 248TBW (0.5DWPD / 5 years)
480 GB — 475TBW (0.5 DWPD / 5 years)
Power consumption240GB: Standby: 1.82W; Average reading: 1.71W; Average writing: 3.16W; Max. When reading: 1.81W; Max. when recording: 3.56watts.
480GB: Standby: 1.90W; Average reading: 1.74W; Average writing: 4.88W; Max. When reading: 1.81W; Max. when recording: 5.47watts.
Storage temperature-40°C ~ 85°C
Operating temperature:0°C ~ 70°C
Sizes80mm x 22mmx 3.8mm
Weight240GB — 8g
480GB — 9g
Vibration during operation2.17G (peak) at a frequency of 7–800Hz
Vibration in an inactive state20G (peak) at a frequency of 10–2000Hz
MTBF2 million hours
Warranty and technical supportFive-year limited warranty and free technical support


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