KLS ELECTRONIC protection devices


NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC CO. It is one of the leading suppliers in the international market of electronic components. The company was founded in 2002 and is currently one of the ten largest electronic components manufacturing enterprises in China.

One of the activities of KLS ELECTRONIC is the production of electronic device protection devices.
The CHIP and DIP assortment includes:

VDR Series Varistors

Disk metal oxide varistors of the VDR series are semiconductor devices with a symmetrical voltage characteristic, electrical resistance (conductivity) which non-linearly depends on the applied voltage. Varistors provide protection against all types of overvoltage and pulse voltage surges and prevent the failure of electronic equipment. Varistors of the VDR series are characterized by a large permissible nominal pulse current and are used in devices requiring protection of input circuits from various interference.

Варисторы серии VDR

VDR – 05D 101
VDR – Series designation
05D – Diameter of the disk, mm
101 – Classification voltage, V at 1mA, in the format: nominal (first two digits) and multiplier (third digit)

Technical characteristics of varistors:
Response time: <25 ns,
Operating temperature: -40°C...+85°C,
Insulation resistance: ≥ 500mohm,
Voltage temperature coefficient: -0.5%/°C.

Application: power supplies, photovoltaic devices, consumer electronics, telecommunication equipment, inverters, industrial equipment.

Thermostats of the KSD9700 series

Thermostats of the KSD9700 series are mechanical thermal switches that operate due to the effect of thermal expansion of metals. This type of thermostat is also called bimetallic thermostat and bimetallic temperature switch. They are used to protect electrical circuits and appliances from overheating and/or to maintain the set temperature of electric heaters.

Термостаты серии KSD9700

Technical characteristics of thermostats:
Rated voltage : 250V/125V AC,
Rated current : 5A...7A,
Resistance of closed contacts: ≤ 30M (in the conductive state),
Open state resistance: ≥ 100M,
Number of triggers: up to 6000 times (per resistive load).

Application: electric motors, fluorescent ballasts, chargers, winding products (transformers, solenoids), household heating appliances.
More detailed technical specifications are presented in the Specifications on the product page.