Sealed automotive connectors manufactured by KW RGA

Герметичные автомобильные разъемы РГА производства КВТ

An electrical connector (connector) is an electromechanical device by which electrical conductors are connected. It is an integral part of any device in which an electric current flows. It is clear that in order to solve certain tasks, connectors are required that are maximally adapted to solve these tasks. One of these areas is the automotive industry. There are many different types of automotive connectors, each of which has its own characteristics and applications.

One of the most well-known automotive connectors are the Superseal 1.5 series connectors manufactured by TE Connectivity. These connectors fully meet the requirements of reliability and tightness, and are also adapted to work in aggressive environments (diesel fuel, brake fluid, engine oils, etc.).

Sealed automotive connectors RGA manufactured by Kaluga plant KW perform the same functions, and are, in practice, complete analogues of the connectors of the Superseal 1.5 series. However, there are a number of differences affecting the use of these connectors.

TE Connectivity connectors, as a rule, are a kind of constructor, from which the necessary design is assembled by selecting the appropriate components. For example, there are several types of contacts for different wire sections, several types of seals, etc. As a result, the consumer is not always able to pick up individual parts of the connector on their own.

When delivering RGA connectors, the KW plant offers a different solution. The connectors are supplied already equipped with contacts and seals that allow the use of these connectors with wires with a cross section from 0.5 to 1.5 mm2. Moreover, the kit consists of a pair of connectors - a plug and a socket. It is only necessary to select connectors with the required number of contacts. If it is impossible or difficult for someone to compress the contacts themselves, then there is an option to supply connectors with an already installed wire. However, this possibility exists only for connectors with the number of pins 2 and 3. The wire cross-section in this case is 0.75 mm2.

Main parameters of RGA connectors

SKUModelNumber of contactsOperating voltage, up to (kV)Core cross-section, mm2Material of the contact partHeat resistance of the housingDegree of protectionDesign features
89503RGA-1P10,40,5…1,5Brass L63105°CIP68Vibration-Resistant / Sealed
89504RGA-2P20,40,5…1,5Brass L63105°CIP68Vibration-Resistant / Sealed
89505RGA-3P30,40,5…1,5Brass L63105°CIP68Vibration-Resistant / Sealed
89506RGA-4P40,40,5…1,5Brass L63105°CIP68Vibration-Resistant / Sealed
with a wire
20,40,75Brass L63105°CIP68Vibration-resistant / Sealed / With wire
with a wire
30,40,75Brass L63105°CIP68Vibration-resistant / Sealed / With wire