Construction and installation terminals of SMK 2273 manufactured by "KW"


Строительно-монтажные клеммы СМК 2273 производства КВТ

Almost any electrical circuit requires the connection of two or more wires. One of the most famous methods is "twisting". By the way, there is no consensus on the use of "twisting". Some consider it almost the most reliable type of connection. Others categorically deny the use of such a method. Whatever it was, but no one will argue with the fact that connecting wires by "twisting" requires certain skills. An additional complication is the connection between aluminum and copper wires.

One of the most technologically advanced and easiest ways to replace the "twist" is the use of electrical terminals. Spring terminals of the WAGO 2273 series have long gained popularity not only among professionals, but also among home craftsmen. But, due to the sanctions, the supply of WAGO products to Russia has been stopped.

Of course, new brands of similar products have appeared. One of these brands is the Kaluga Plant of electrical products KW. Their SMK 2273 terminals are complete analogues of the 2273 WAGO terminals.

QMS terminals (construction and installation terminal) 2273 are designed for use in electrical circuits with a voltage of up to 450V and a current load of up to 24A. Terminals are available in two versions - with the use of contact paste, and without paste. The terminals with paste are designed to connect copper and aluminum wires. The contact paste "removes" the oxide film from aluminum and protects it from re-oxidation. The terminals are designed for indoor use. If it is necessary to use the terminals outdoors, it is necessary to place them in sealed mounting boxes with a degree of protection of at least IP65.

In addition, do not forget that the terminals of SMK 2273 refer to disposable mounting terminals. Practice shows that it is possible to reuse them, but, in this case, the responsibility for the quality and safety of the connection is assumed by the person who decided to reuse them. Only a single-core wire can be connected using such terminals. Of course, it is possible to connect stranded wires with their help, but in this case the stranded wire must be pressed into the tip. Special attention is also required to prepare for the connection of aluminum wire. The wire for such a connection should be cut off as much as possible, and cleaned. This is especially true for old wires.

Viewing windows on the terminal housing allow you to visually control the length of the wire stripping. The terminals also have test sockets for measuring circuit parameters.

All wiring connections of the conductors must be protected from moisture, dust, foreign objects and mechanical impact.

Main terminal parameters

Number of conductors2345823458
Cross-section range, mm20,5 - 2,5
Current, A24
Voltage, V450
Max. operating temperature,°C+85
Ambient temperature,°C -40… +40
Degree of protectionIP30
Group of mechanical design according to GOST 17516.1M3
Overall dimensions (L×B×H), mm6,3×9,9 ×5,716,3×13,9 ×5,716,3×17,9 ×5,716,3×21,9 ×5,716,3×17,8 ×11,316,3×9,9 ×5,716,3×13,9 ×5,716,3×17,9 ×5,716,3×21,9 ×5,716,3×17,8 ×11,3
Cover colorWhiteOrangeRedYellowGrayWhiteOrangeRedYellowGray
The presence of contact pasteNoNoNoNoNoYesYesYesYesYes