High Voltage MOSFET Transistors from Shenzhen Maspower Semiconductor Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Maspower Semiconductor

Shenzhen Maspower Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a company founded in 2013, specializing in the research, development and sale of semiconductor devices. The company's headquarters are located in Shenzhen, and the research and development centers are located in Shanghai. The core of the R&D team consists of natives of well-known semiconductor companies such as ST, Fairchild, Fujitsu, etc., with more than 20 years of research and development experience.

Currently, the company's main products are transistors (MOSFET low/high voltage, IGBT FS/NTP) and diodes/modules (FRD).

The range includes high-voltage MOSFET transistors with a drain-source voltage from 1000 to 1500V:

Title StructureVoltage
drain-source, In (max.)
drain-source, A (max.)
gate-source, In
Channel resistance
in the open state, ohms
characteristics, S
MS8N100FEN-channel10008± 3025.6TO-263
MS30N100HGC0N-channel100030± 300.3830TO-247
MS5N100FDN-channel12005± 304.23TO-252/DPAK
MS5N100FTN-channel12005± 304.23TO-220
MS6N120FTN-channel12006± 3075.7TO-247
MS8N120FCN-channel12008± 303.57.5TO-247
MS8N120FTN-channel12008± 303.57.5TO-220
MS12N100FCN-channel120012± 301.359.5TO-247
MS12N120HGC0N-channel120012± 301.59TO-247
MS4N1350EN-channel15004± 3092.6TO-263
MS4N1350WN-channel15004± 3092.6TO-247
MS9N150H1N-channel15009± 303.27TO-247