DUPS20/40 – uninterruptible power supply modules on DIN rail from MEAN WELL


As part of the update of the line of devices for creating uninterruptible power supply systems, MEAN WELL has released a replacement for one of the most popular and in–demand uninterruptible power supply modules - DR-UPS40. This module is being withdrawn from sale, and its supplies are being reduced. In return, MEAN WELL has released two modules for different maximum current, which fully correspond in functionality, connection diagram and basic technical characteristics to the DR-UPS40 module.

The DUPS20 and DUPS40 uninterruptible power supply modules are designed to create uninterruptible power supply systems based on an external 24V DC power supply and a lead-acid battery. The key difference between the two modules is the maximum load supply current in such a system – 20A for DUPS20 and 40A for DUPS40.

Vneshnij vid modulej besperebojnogo pitaniya MEAN WELL DUPS20 i DUPS40Appearance of the DUPS20 and DUPS40 uninterruptible power supply modules

The main technical characteristics and functionality are presented in the table:

Rated input voltage, U (DC)
Input voltage range, U (DC)24...29B
Rated current, I20A40A
Output voltage range, U (DC)21...29V (DC)
Output current (battery discharge current), I0...20A0...40A
Battery charge current, I2A
BatteryRated battery voltage, U24V (2 to 12V connected in series; or 1 to 24V)
Battery typeLead-acid
Battery capacity4-135 Ah
FunctionsDC bus monitoring
Relay contact: closed when the voltage is 21...29V (DC)
LED (green): lit – there is a voltage on the DC bus, no glow – no voltage.
Battery failure
Battery Fail
Relay contact: Closed when the voltage is below 22V (DC) or battery malfunction
LED (red): lights up – battery failure or discharge, no glow – the battery is OK
Battery discharge
Battery Discharge
Relay contact: closed when the battery is discharged (battery load supply)
LED (yellow): lit – the battery is discharged, no glow – no battery discharge or discharge current less than 2A

Uninterruptible power supply modules are actively used in control and security systems, fire and burglar alarms, information transmission, electromechanical devices and machine tools, automatic control systems and other areas where it is critically important to maintain operability in case of power outages.

Sxema podklyucheniya sistemy besperebojnogo pitaniya na primere DUPS20Connection diagram of an uninterruptible power supply system using the example of DUPS20

Uninterruptible power supply modules have reverse polarity protection (reverse polarity when connecting the battery), short circuit, battery discharge current limitation and deep discharge protection. The DUPS modules are cooled by natural convection, without the use of a fan. Operating temperature: -30...+70°C. Warranty period: 3 years.

Depending on the capacity of the battery used, the battery life of the uninterruptible power supply system may be different. The second factor affecting the duration of autonomous operation is the current consumption of the load. The estimated (estimated) duration of the battery load operation time, depending on these conditions, is shown on the graph:

Vremya raboty sistemy besperebojnogo pitaniya na DUPS40The operating time of the uninterruptible power supply system on DUPS40

For more detailed technical specifications, see the Specifications for the DUPS20 and DUPS40 uninterruptible power supply modules. For questions related to the selection and use of MEAN WELL products, please contact us by e-mail meanwell@chipdip.ru .