Inverters for a wide range of applications from MEAN WELL


Inverters are one of the most popular categories of power supply devices. They are indispensable in conditions of an unstable power supply or its absence, as they allow power supply to consumer or industrial devices from batteries of various types, voltages and capacities. A wide selection of inverters manufactured by MEAN WELL allows you to use them to solve problems of different classes.

Series A301 , A302 - budget inverters with a modified sine wave (output voltage form "meander"), the simplest converters designed to power devices that are undemanding to the shape of the supply voltage, such as heating appliances, computers, household appliances with switching power supplies.

TS series - inverters with an output voltage shape as close as possible to the shape of a sinusoid (the so-called "pure sine wave") for powering electric motors, devices with transformer power supplies, equipment that is sensitive to electrical noise in the network and other devices that are critical to the shape of the input voltage and noise in the power supply.

The NTS series is a new series of pure sine wave inverters designed to replace the previous generation of TS series inverters, with increased peak power reserve up to 200% of the rated power for starting heavy loads and can be used with lithium-ion batteries. Also added to the NTS series are inverters for built-in applications ( NTS-250P and NTS-400P ), in technological cases and with connectors for connecting an external outlet and remote control.

Inverters for a wide range of applications from MEAN WELL

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