LCM-40TW – Dual channel dimmable LED driver from MEAN WELL


LED lighting is being improved based on the technical capabilities of its components. So, in accordance with the possibilities, multi–color illumination systems or lighting systems with different color temperatures appear - more comfortable for working or moving at different times of the day. As an example, we can cite modern metro trains with a colder light of the lighting system in the morning and a warmer one in the evening. The two-channel LCM-40TW LED driver from MEAN WELL is an ideal power source for lighting systems of this type.

Внешний вид светодиодного драйвера LCM-40TWAppearance of the LCM-40TW LED driver

The LCM-40TW driver is designed for use in LED lighting systems with different operating algorithms with the ability to connect and control two LED channels, including brightness control, via the DALI or PUSH Dim protocol, which significantly expands the options for using the power supply from household to office and specialized lighting:

LCM-40 TW. Подключение входа PUSH Dim или интерфейса DALIConnecting the PUSH Dim input or the DALI interface

The main technical characteristics are presented in the table:

Output (DC)Output channelCH1CH2
Output voltage 20 – 50 V (DC)20 – 50 V (DC)
Voltage without load53 In53 In
Default output current700 mA700 mA
Output current range500 – 1050 mA500 – 1050 mA
Maximum output power40 watts
Dimming level0 – 100%
Input (AC)Input voltage180 – 277 V (AC) 260 – 390 V (DC)
Frequency47 – 63 Hz
Power factor≥0.98 at 230 V (AC), full load
Input current0.23 A at 230 V (AC)

The LCM-40TW LED driver has protection against overload, short circuit, overheating. The driver is cooled by natural convection, without the use of a fan. Operating ambient temperature: -30...+45°C. Warranty period: 5 years.

The level of output current and used channels of the DALI device type 6 (DT6) and device type 8 (DT8) types is set using the built-in DIP switches:

LCM-40TW. Установка выходного тока и используемых каналовSetting the output current and the channels used

Depending on the set settings and the connection scheme, it is possible to work in single-channel and dual-channel operation mode (DT6), as well as in the color temperature selection mode (DT8):

Режимы работы и подключение LED к LCM-40 TWOperating modes and connection of LED to LCM-40 TW

The LCM-40TW LED dimmable driver is designed to create lighting systems with adjustable color temperature, decorative and auxiliary illumination, lighting systems controlled by the DALI protocol.

More detailed technical specifications and controls are provided in the Specification for the LCM-40TW LED driver. For questions related to the selection and use of MEAN WELL products, please contact us by e-mail .