NPB-1200 series chargers from MEAN WELL company


MEAN WELL company has released powerful universal chargers of high reliability NPB-1200 series. The main characteristics of this series of chargers are: intelligent control, wide voltage range, versatile design, flexible functions, safety and durability. The device is equipped with a built-in microcontroller and a patented technology for automatically determining the battery charge level, which automatically adjusts the charge parameters depending on the battery voltage (this mode is only suitable for lithium-ion batteries with BMS).

Зарядные устройства серии NPB-1200 от компании MEAN WELLNPB-1200 Series Chargers

The series presents three different models for voltage of 12 V (10.5 ~ 21 V), 24 V (21 ~ 42 V) and 48 V (42 ~ 80 V), which are characterized by a wide range of charging voltages of 2:1. Each device can be used for a wide range of batteries and thus can replace several highly specialized devices.

NPB-1200 series chargers can be paired with the SBP-001 charger programmer to connect to a computer to program various parameters, such as selecting 2/3-stage charging, adjusting the charging voltage/current, setting the charger standby time. The parameters of the charger can also be adjusted manually using a tuning resistor located on the front panel (to adjust the charging current in the range of 50 - 100%) and a switch (to select the charging mode).

Регулировка параметров зарядных устройств серии NPB-1200Adjusting the parameters of NPB-1200 series chargers

For more professional integration with applications, the NPB-1200 is equipped with a built-in CANBus protocol, which allows remote configuration and monitoring of the charger. As for the safety functions, the charger determines the battery voltage and whether it is connected correctly before charging.

NPB-1200 series chargers can be used to charge electric vehicles, mobile robots, various mobile devices running on direct current.

Main technical characteristics and features of NPB-1200 series chargers

  • Input voltage: 90 – 264V (AC) or 127 – 370V (DC).
  • Rated output voltages: 14.4V (10.5 – 21V); 28.8V (21 – 42V); 57.6V (42 – 80V).
  • Maximum charge current: 70A (for 14.4V);36A (for 28.8V);18A (for 57.6V).
  • Adjustment of the output current (maximum charge current): 50 – 100% of the normalized value.
  • Types of chargeable batteries: lead-acid, lithium-ion.
  • Types of charging characteristics: 2 stages,3 stages (switch selection).
  • Types of protection: short circuit, overvoltage, overheating, reverse polarity of batteries.
  • Overall dimensions: 250x158x67mm.
  • Operating temperature range: -30 ... +70°C.
  • The warranty period is 3 years.

More detailed technical specifications are presented in the Specifications for chargers on the product page.
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