UMP-400 series and NID35 modules/65/100 – configurable power supplies from MEAN WELL


For some applications, power supplies with multiple outputs are often in demand, each designed for its own rated voltage and current. In some cases, this requirement can be met by multi–channel power supplies - with two, three or four outputs, but models for the required configuration for rated voltage and/or power are not always available on sale. In this case, modular or configurable power supplies are indispensable.

Modular power supplies, as a rule, have a chassis that includes the primary part (AC) of the switching power supply, and places for installing modules of the secondary part (channels or slots) that directly form DC voltage sources in the required quantity and with specified parameters.

The power supply of the UMP-400 series is a modular power supply with one main output of 24 or 48V DC and three additional channels for installing modules – DC/DC converters of the NID35, NID65, NID100 series. Each module of the NID series has a typical size and dimensions for installation in the UMP-400 power supply and occupies exactly one slot. The output voltage of the module in each series has a value of 5, 12, 15, 24 V DC. The output power of the assembled UMP-400 power supply together with the NID modules should not exceed 400W.

Основной источник питания серии UMP-400 без дополнительных модулейThe main power supply of the UMP-400 series without additional modules

Since the AC/DC converter is fully implemented in the UMP-400 unit, and the modules of the NID series are only additional DC/DC converters, there is no galvanic isolation between the outputs and this fact must be taken into account when choosing power supplies of this series.

Модуль NID35Модуль NID65Модуль NID100Appearance of modules NID35, NID65, NID100

The NID35, NID65, NID100 modules are completely independent converters with output connectors of the PLS/PBS type, which allows them to be used in various projects as separate DC/DC type power supplies. On the other hand, such a feature of using them as part of the UMP-400 power supplies makes it easy to reconfigure these units when the load or operating conditions change. The main parameters of the NID35, NID65, NID100 modules and their installation options in the UMP-400 power supply for the formation of forward or reverse polarity are presented in the table (there are restrictions on use, it should be specified according to the Specification for the UMP-400):

Параметры модулей NID и их код для UMP-400Parameters of NID modules and their code for UMP-400

Each module has its own configuration code, which allows you to order the assembly of a ready-made UMP-400 power supply at the factory according to the required configuration in order to ensure the quality and guarantee the operation of the assembled power supply. But it is also allowed to order UMP-400 series power supplies and NID modules separately for self-assembly of the required configuration.

Формирование кода конфигурацииФормирование кода конфигурации. Пример UMP-400-24BEIGenerating the configuration code

More detailed technical specifications are presented in the Specifications for power supplies of the UMP-400 series and modules NID35, NID65, NID100 on the product page. For questions related to the selection and use of MEAN WELL products, please contact us by e-mail .