MEYERTEC joysticks of the MTB5-PA series

Джойстики MEYERTEC серии MTB5-PA

Switching equipment, which is an integral part of any electrical equipment, is designed to perform a fairly wide range of tasks. Such tasks include protection, control and switching of electrical circuits.

It is clear that the task of controlling electrical circuits is one of the most significant. There are a number of devices designed to control electrical circuits and devices. These are buttons, various switches, toggle switches, switches, network disconnectors, etc. All these devices, despite the difference in design, have one thing in common - they all work in discrete mode. The algorithm of their work boils down to a simple "there is a signal" / "there is no signal". A special case is switching a signal from one circuit to another.

In this series, the type of control devices that allows you to control electrical circuits in one or two planes is a little apart. These are joysticks.

A joystick is a device in the form of a lever with two degrees of freedom, mounted on a ball joint, and having one or more contact blocks. Industrial joysticks are designed to control lifting mechanisms and various technological processes.

The MTB 5-PA joysticks manufactured by MEYERTEC can be conditionally attributed to the class of so-called "relay" joysticks. They are able to generate a control signal when the lever is moved, but they are not able to determine the pressing speed, the angle of deviation of the control handle, etc.

The undoubted advantage of the joysticks in this series is their ease of operation. No special tools are required to install additional contact blocks, or to remove and replace installed blocks. The contact blocks are secured with a latch. The connection of the base of the joystick with the control handle is also carried out by a latch. A distinctive feature of the MTB5-PA joysticks is an expandable contact group: a maximum of 3 rows of 4 block contacts (a total of 12 block contacts). The joysticks are normally supplied with block contacts having a normally open contact. Using additional block contacts MTB45-EE101 (normally open) and MTB45-EE102 (normally closed), it is possible to create a control device simultaneously with 12 groups (maximum) with any combination of contacts.

The MTB5-PA joysticks are available in two versions - with the lever fixed in the extreme positions, or without locking. Additional features are provided by the presence of a lock against accidental triggering.

Main technical parameters

Operating voltage, V380380380380380380380380
Operating current, A2,52,52,52,52,52,52,52,5
Number of groups24242424
FixationThere areThere areNoNoThere areThere areNoNo
BlockingNoNoNoNoThere areThere areThere areThere are
Degree of protectionIP65IP65IP65IP65IP65IP65IP65IP65
The degree of protection from the block contactsIP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20IP20
Maximum operating height, m, no more20002000200020002000200020002000
Vibration resistance (at a frequency of 10-50 Hz)15g15g15g15g15g15g15g15g
Mechanical wear resistance3 × 10 5 cycles3 × 10 5 cycles3 × 10 5 cycles3 × 10 5 cycles3 × 10 5 cycles3 × 10 5 cycles3 × 10 5 cycles3 × 10 5 cycles
Installation diameter, mm2222222222222222

Overall dimensions

Джойстики MEYERTEC серии MTB5-PA. Габаритные размеры

Connection diagrams

Джойстики MEYERTEC серии MTB5-PA. Схемы подключения