Power supplies of the MDS series from MMP Irbis


One of the most popular types of power supplies are power supplies for placement on a DIN rail, which allows them to be used in home and industrial automation and power supply of engineering systems devices. Many manufacturers are engaged in the production of power supplies of this type. The assortment of our company has been replenished with new power supplies for the DIN rail of the MDS series manufactured by MMP Irbis.

The power supplies of the MDS series are AC-DC converters with the conversion of the mains input voltage 220V AC to DC voltage of low power – 15 and 40W. The power supplies are placed on a standard TS35 DIN rail. A distinctive feature of the MDS series power supplies is a wide range of output voltage, which allows you to choose a suitable model for almost any task – from 5 to 60V DC for MDS15 and from 5 to 27V for MDS40.

Блоки питания серии МДС от ММП ИрбисMDS Series power supplies from MMP Irbis Overall dimensions of MDS series power supplies

AC-DC converters with DIN rail placement are manufactured using high-reliability components and are designed to power electronic equipment and automation systems.

Main technical characteristics and key features of the MDS series power supplies:

  • Input voltage: 160 ... 264 V AC.
  • Output power: 15W (MDS15), 40W (MDS40).
  • Typical efficiency: 70 ... 80%.
  • Permissible operating temperature range: -40°From ... +50°C.
  • Plastic case filled with compound.
  • Short circuit protection at the output, after removing the short circuit, the module automatically restores its output parameters.
  • The possibility of parallel operation of the same type of modules through decoupling diodes. Electrical insulation strength 3000 V (valid).
  • Increased estimated operating time for failure 350,000 hours.
  • The service life is 15 years.

More detailed technical specifications are presented in the Specifications on the product page.