Multilayer ceramic capacitors manufactured by Monolit


Vitebsk plant of radio components "Monolith" is a Belarusian manufacturer of ceramic capacitors for radio electronic equipment. Founded in 1958, the company is today the largest manufacturer of ceramic capacitors in the CIS countries, it produces about half of the total number of these components produced in the CIS. Vitebsk plant of radio components "Monolith" maintains a traditionally high level of quality of produced capacitors, they are used mainly in equipment for critical applications, which require highly reliable components with low failure rate, long shelf life and long service life.

The assortment of our company includes multilayer ceramic capacitors manufactured by Monolith:


Output, regular shape, insulated ceramic capacitors, all-climatic version.

K10-17B , KM-5B

Output, insulated dipped ceramic capacitors, all-climatic design.


Unprotected ceramic capacitors for surface mounting (SMD).

The internal structure of a multilayer ceramic capacitor

All capacitors manufactured by OAO VZRD Monolit have internal electrodes made of an alloy of precious metals - silver and palladium (Ag and Pd), which increases the reliability of products and allows them to be used not only in domestic and industrial purposes.

All capacitors are designed for operation in DC and AC circuits and in pulsed modes; they are produced in a hydrogen-resistant version.

Symbol examples

Capacitor K10-17a-M47-0.01 uF ± 10%
(a) (b) (c) (e) (f) (g)

a) the word "capacitor";
b) designation of the type of capacitor;
c) execution option;
e) TSE group (temperature stability of the container);
e) nominal capacity;
g) permissible deviation of capacity from the nominal one (except for groups H50, H90).

For more detailed technical specifications, see Specifications on the product page.