Capacitors manufactured by "Nyukon"


The Nyukon plant is a domestic manufacturer of a wide range of power capacitors manufactured using MKP technology using metallized polypropylene film and non-combustible polymer compound. The company's products are widely in demand in the electrical engineering market and receive high ratings from consumers and partners.

In the assortment of our company, the products of the Nyukon plant are represented by starting capacitors of the K78-98 series and capacitors for lighting equipment of the K78-99 series.

Starting capacitors of the K78-98 series

Starting capacitors of the K78-98 series are designed to shift the phases of the supply voltage in various modes of operation of asynchronous electric motors by connecting to the corresponding winding when operating motors of this type from a single-phase network with a frequency of no more than 60 Hz, or to transfer three-phase motors to power from a single-phase network.

Scope of application of capacitors for asynchronous motors:

 Operating modeStarting mode
ApplicationIn circuits of asynchronous electric motors In circuits of asynchronous electric motors
Connection typeIn series with the auxiliary winding of the electric motorParallel to the working capacitor
As It is a phase-shifting element
Destiny Allows to obtain a circular rotating magnetic field necessary for the operation of the electric motor Allows you to obtain the magnetic field necessary to increase the torque of the electric motor in the starting mode
Period of use During the operation of the electric motor At the time of starting the electric motor

Versions of capacitors K78-98:

Compensating capacitors K78-99


Compensating capacitors K78-99 are used to reduce reactive power consumption and increase the power factor when operating electromagnetic chokes of gas-discharge lamps and transformers in electrical networks with a frequency of 50-60Hz.

The principle of operation of gas-discharge lamps is based on the maintenance of an electric arc by a start-up device, which causes an inert gas to glow. This type of load has a large inductance, resulting in a phase shift and an increase in total power consumption. To reduce it and increase the power factor of the lighting equipment, a capacitor must be added to the circuit diagram. Using a capacitor allows you to increase the power factor cos (φ) to a value of 0.96.

Capacitors have high electrical strength, small dimensions and weight with a significant capacitor capacity. They are made of self-healing polypropylene film in plastic cases.

More detailed technical specifications are presented in the Specifications for capacitors on the product page.