OL370x Flexi-Mate series connectors manufactured by OLINK

Разъемы OL370x серии Flexi-Mate производства OLINK

Despite the widespread use of wireless technologies, it is still difficult to imagine a completely wireless connection of all devices. Although science has achieved very significant success in transmitting information wirelessly, it is still problematic to transfer electricity efficiently enough without wires. Therefore, all modern devices are equipped with connectors through which the devices are powered.

Along with the development of electrical equipment itself, the switching elements used in modern devices are also being improved. There are more and more specialized connectors designed for use in certain areas of electronics. And one of these areas is the use of LED equipment.

"The increasing use of LEDs in displays and room lighting is driving the development of next-generation connectors. The Molex Flexi-Mate™ system provides complete equipment manufacturers and developers with a complete set of connectors of various configurations, and allows them to solve design tasks much more efficiently",- said Goji Tanabe, Regional Head of Molex Products.

Flexi-Mate connectors are designed for elements of standard room lighting, LED TVs, LED arrays and displays where the placement of LEDs on mounting panels is used.

The Flexi-Mate design meets the requirements of flexibility and space saving, and includes coplanar board-to-board connectors used to connect small panels containing LED indicators. The system also includes the ability to connect LED boards to a power supply board.

Типы соединений Flexi-MateРазъемы Flexi-Mate в типовом светодиодном приложении

The basis of the Flexi-Mate connector line is the design of two-pin connectors, which provides a reliable electrical connection, compact side clamps and guides that facilitate connection and protect contacts during connection/disconnection. The height of the connectors, which is 3.00 mm (.118 inches), also meets the requirements for television equipment and lighting systems, the development of which tends to create increasingly thin structures.

OL370x connectors manufactured by the Chinese company OLINK are an analogue of the original Molex Flexi-Mate connectors, and fully comply with the characteristics required by the Flexi-Mate standard. The connectors are designed to work with a current load of up to 2A. The contacts of the connectors are made of phosphorous bronze. The connector housings have a flammability class UL 94V-0 (self-extinguishing for less than 10 seconds. after removing the flame, and preventing the formation of burning droplets).

Overall dimensions

Разъемы OL370x серии Flexi-Mate производства OLINK. Габаритные размеры

Main technical characteristics

Connector TypeConnector housing for cablePlug on the boardSocket on the boardContact
Number of contacts2
Contact materialphosphorous bronze
The material of the connector housing for the cableNylon 66 UL94V-0
The material of the connector housing on the boardLiquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) UL94V-0
Operating current, A2
Dimensions, mm12,2x8,4x3,259,3x11,2x3,09,75x5,6x3,0
Wire cross section, AWG26…30
The distance between the contacts, mm3,7
Molex analogues5034730200503469020050347102005034850000