Pin copper tips NSHML

SHtiftovye mednye nakonechniki NSHML

Cable lugs are used for "terminating" the stripped cores of a conductive cable. They are used for safe and technologically connected wires to electrical equipment. The use of such tips significantly improves the quality of the connection, reliability and safety of operation of electrical equipment.

The tip is a metal hollow tube, into one of the sides of which a wire is inserted. The other side, connected to the equipment, is made in the form of a blade designed for pressing against the contact pad of an electrical appliance, or an electrical panel. The blade can have the shape of a washer (ring tips), horns (U-type tips), plates (knife and pin tips).

The main application of pin tips is the connection of copper wires to circuit breakers and other modular equipment having a small width of the connecting terminal.

Unlike the well-known pin tips of the NSHP series, made of sheet copper, and connected to the wire by soldering, the tips of the NSHML series, manufactured by the Kaluga plant "KW", are made of M1 tubular copper. Designed for terminating copper cables by crimping. The application of a protective layer (tinning) of the tip is carried out by galvanic method. And although the conductivity of copper decreases somewhat after tinning, but in the future the work is kept at a stable level. The flat pin has a number of notches that ensure a secure fixation in the clamping terminal. The diameter of the tube part of the tip is designed for crimping cores of 1, 2 and 3 classes of flexibility.

Main characteristics of NSHML tips

SKU Name Operating voltage, up to (kV) Core cross-section, mm2 Pin width, mm Pin length, mm Installation technology
87460NSHML 6-11 35 6 5,5 11 Crimping
87461NSHML 10-12 35 10 5,5 12 Crimping
87462NSHML 16-12 35 16 5 12 Crimping
87463NSHML 25-12 35 25 7 12 Crimping
87464NSHML 35-16 35 35 7 16 Crimping
87465NSHML 50-16 35 50 7 16 Crimping
87466NSHML 70-20 35 70 7 20 Crimping
87467NSHML 95-25 35 95 9 25 Crimping