RP2040-Plus is a programmable platform based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller


The range includes the RP2040-Plus programmable platform from Waveshare Electronics, made in the Raspberry Pi Pico form factor. Unlike Raspberry Pi Pico, the board has better characteristics. The volume of the built-in flash memory has been increased from 2 MB to 4 MB/16 MB, the Micro USB connector has been replaced with a more modern USB Type-C, a battery connector has been added and the DC-DC converter chip has been replaced with a more high-current one.

Available in four configurations:
RP2040-Plus: 4MB flash memory, without soldered contacts;
RP2040-Plus-M: 4MB flash memory, with soldered contacts;
RP2040-Plus-16MB: 16MB flash memory, without soldered contacts;
RP2040-Plus-16 MB-M: 16MB flash memory, with soldered contacts.

RP2040-Plus без контактовRP2040-Plus с контактами


  • Raspberry Pi RP2040 Microcontroller;
  • Dual-core Arm Cortex M0+ processor with a frequency of up to 133 MHz;
  • RAM: 264 KB SRAM;
  • Flash memory: 4 MB or 16 MB;
  • USB Type-C Connector;
  • MX1.25 connector for connecting a 3.7V lithium battery;
  • Built-in DC-DC MP28164 chip, maximum load current 2A;
  • USB 1.1 interface with device and host support;
  • Sleep and standby modes with low power consumption;
  • Drag-and-drop programming;
  • 26 multifunctional GPIO contacts;
  • 2 x SPI, 2 x I2C, 2 x UART, 3 x 12-bit ADC, 16 x Controlled PWM channels;
  • Accurate Clock and Timer (RP2040);
  • Temperature Sensor (RP2040);
  • Accelerated Floating Point Libraries (RP2040);
  • 8 x Programmable I/O State Machines (PIO) to support user peripherals.


Распиновка RP2040-Plus

Overall dimensions

Габаритные размеры RP2040-Plus