Benchtop 6.5 Digit Multimeter Rigol DM3068


The warehouse "CHIP and DIP" received a new batch of devices from the manufacturer Rigol . Introducing the DM3068 Benchtop 6.5 Digit Multimeter. It has the highest precision of 6.5 bits and is designed with testing, multi-functionality and automatic measurement in mind. DM3068 combines the functions of automatic measurement of a large number of parameters and multiple mathematical transformations.

Key Features:

  • True Reading Resolution 6 ½ (2,200,000 counts)
  • True RMS AC voltage and current measurement (TRUE RMS)
  • Built-in memory for 10 data groups
  • Built-in thermocouple
  • UltraSensor software: simple, convenient and flexible
  • Real-time trend and histogram display functions
  • Standard interface: USB device, USB host, LAN, RS-232, GPIB, disk storage support
  • Remote control using SCPI commands
  • Support dual display, waveform display

When measuring voltage or an AC signal, frequency can also be measured. At this time, the voltage or current is displayed on the main display screen, and the frequency is displayed on the secondary display screen.

Measured physical quantities (pressure, temperature, etc.) can be converted into voltage, current, resistance and other easily measured physical quantities. Values can be displayed simultaneously on the screen. The multimeter is able to draw a real-time data trend chart, users can observe the data changes without other aids.

The DM 3068 has many basic measurement functions:

Measuring ranges of basic functions:

  • DCV Range: -1000V ~ 1000V
  • DCI Range: -10A ~ 10A
  • ACV Range(True-RMS): 0V ~ 750V
  • ACI Range(True-RMS): 0A ~ 10A
  • R Range: 0Ohm ~ 100MOhm
  • C Range: 0F ~ 100mF
  • F Range: 3Hz ~ 1MHz