Power Intermediate Relays RS Series


Power relays of the RS series are designed for switching both power circuits and control circuits. Their main difference from most similar relays is the presence of a special base that does not allow installing these relays on the board. The use of sockets with an 11-pin round connector allows these relays to be mounted on a DIN rail. Such a block guarantees high reliability of electrical contact and strong fixation of the relay in the mounting block. A special guide in the center of the round base of the relay ensures its error-free orientation when installed in the socket.

The contact group, consisting of three changeover contacts, is designed for a load current of up to 10A (according to AC-1). The RS series relays are ideal for switching loads such as fans, valve coils, circulation pumps, heating elements, etc.

The obvious advantages of the RS series relay include the presence of powerful power contacts, a transparent case that allows you to clearly see the status of the contacts, a bright LED indicating the operation of the relay, as well as full compatibility with relays of this type from other manufacturers (in accordance with GOST 11152-82). First of all, this applies to the Finder relay series 60.13.

The relays of the RS series are rated IP40 on the body side and IP00 on the terminal side.

Specifications of KIPPRIBOR RS Series Power Relays

Characteristic Meaning
Switch-on time (at Unom) no more than 30 ms
Switch-off time (at Unom) no more than 30 ms
Operating temperature range –55...+70°S
Relative Humidity 35%...80% RH
Atmosphere pressure 86...106 kPa
impact resistance 10g (11ms shock pulse sine wave duration)
impact resistance 10g (11ms shock pulse sine wave duration)
Vibration resistance 10...55 Hz (peak-to-peak 1.0 mm)
Weight no more than 17 g

Electrical characteristics of contacts

Characteristic direct current (DC) alternating current (AC)
Rated current and voltage 10 A at 28 V 10 A at 250 V
Initial resistance no more than 100 mOhm
Contact material silver alloy (AgNi)
Electrical resource at least 10⁵
Mechanical resource (at 300 on / min) at least 10⁷
Electrical strength of insulation between groups of contacts ≥ 1500 VAC for 1 min (leakage current 1 mA)

Electrical characteristics of the coil

Characteristic Direct current (DC) Alternating current (AC)
Rated supply voltage Unom 24V 220V
Turn-on voltage (at 25°C), not less than 0.8Unom 0.8Unom
Switch-off voltage (at 25°C), no more 0.10Unom 0.30Unom
Limit supply voltage (at 25°C) 1.10Unom
Power 1.5 W 2.4VA
Dielectric strength between contacts and coil ≥ 1500 VAC for 1 min (leakage current 1 mA)

Relay dimensions

Relay dimensions

Wiring diagram

Wiring diagram

Unfortunately, the parameter limiting the wide use of these relays is the lack of a wide range of control voltage ratings.