Sang Mao thermostats for temperature control


Sang Mao is a Taiwanese manufacturer of protection devices for electrical and electronic circuits. Founded in 1984, Sang Mao produces a wide range of circuit breakers and thermostats of various modifications and has established itself as a reliable manufacturer for all the time of operation.

Thermostats manufactured by Sang Mao are mechanical thermal switches that operate due to the thermal expansion of metals. This type of thermostat is also called bimetallic thermostat or bimetallic temperature switch. The principle of operation of the thermostat is based on the phenomenon of deformation of metals under the influence of high temperature: two plates made of metals with different coefficients of thermal expansion change their shape when the temperature changes. When the set temperature is reached, the contacts are closed (opened), and when it decreases, the reverse process occurs – opening (closing).

Series B-1002

The thermostats of the B-1002 series use a bimetallic disk, which has only two stable states — convex and concave. The transition between them when a certain temperature is reached is instantaneous. This property of metal makes it possible to build high-tech, highly reliable thermal switches with a large number of actuation cycles on its basis.

Vneshnij vid termostatov serii B-1002Appearance of thermostats of the B-1002 series

The thermostat is fixed at the place of its installation by means of a flange. Working position – any. The switching circuit is ON-OFF (contacts normally closed NC) or OFF-ON (contacts normally open NO). The terminals allow you to quickly connect the device without soldering using wires with tips of the appropriate type.

Gabaritnye razmery termostatov serii B-1002Overall dimensions of thermostats of the B-1002 series

Technical parameters of B-1002 series thermostats

  • operating temperature: from 45 to 165°C;
  • Release temperature (differential): by 10-50°C below the operating temperature;
  • Rated current: up to 6A (at 250V AC);
  • Operating voltage: 32V (DC),125V (AC),250V (AC);
  • number of actuations: up to 30,000 times (at 250V AC, 6A, on a resistive load).

The scope of application of thermostats of the B-1002 series is quite wide: they are used in storage water heaters, thermopots, coffee makers, electric dishwashers, electric stoves and ovens, and other household heating appliances.

Series B-1009N

Thermostats of the B-1009N series with normally closed and normally open contacts are used to protect electrical circuits and devices from overheating and/or maintaining the set temperature of electric heaters.

Vneshnij vid termostata serii B-1009NAppearance of the B-1009N series thermostat

The principle of operation of thermostats of the B-1009N series is based on the characteristic abilities of bimetallic (brass-steel) thermosensitive elements, which, when a certain operating temperature is reached (45°C – 140°C), change their shape, opening or closing the electrical circuit. Cooling the thermostat to the reset temperature returns the state of the contacts to their original position. The permissible deviation of the operating temperature is ± 5%.

Gabaritnye razmery termostata serii B-1009NOverall dimensions of the B-1009N series thermostat

Technical parameters of B-1009N series thermostats

  • operating temperature: from 45 to 140°C;
  • Release temperature (differential): 5-50°C below the actuation temperature;
  • Rated voltage : 12, 24V (DC); 125, 250V (AC);
  • Rated current : up to 2A (at 125V AC), up to 1A (at 250V AC);
  • number of actuations: up to 10,000 times (at 250V AC, 1A, per resistive load).

The popularity of bimetallic thermostats is due to their high reliability and simplicity of design, which in turn provides them with a low price.

More detailed technical specifications are presented in the Specifications for thermostats on the product page.