Intermediate relays RKF4C manufactured by SHENLE

Промежуточные реле RKF4C производства SHENLE

The definition of "relay" is usually understood as a device that operates in automatic mode and performs actions to control electrical equipment. The so-called "Intermediate relays" are a special case in the application of conventional electromagnetic relays. Often such relays are also called "Auxiliary relays".

An intermediate (auxiliary) relay is used to control the operation of various complexes, machines, etc., allowing for the control of several electrical circuits at once, and in different switching modes. For example, when a control signal is applied to an intermediate relay, local lighting is turned on, while general lighting is turned off. Thus, their direct function is to create a connection between the various components of relay protection and control elements.

Intermediate relays RKF4C manufactured by the Chinese company SHENLE have 4 channels of switching contacts. Thus, using a single relay, it is possible to create various combinations of switching algorithms. For example, one channel is used as a closing channel, the second as an opening channel, the third as a switching channel, etc. Moreover, such combinations can be created in any combination.

The relay contacts are made of silver alloy, which provides low contact resistance and high electrical and thermal conductivity. The result is an increase in the service life of the relay and ensuring more stable performance.

In addition, the relays have an LED indication and a number of other options (depending on the models). The relay has a test button that allows you to check the operation of the equipment control circuits without sending a control signal to the relay. Also, this function can be useful for installation and experimental work. In addition to the button, the relay may have a protective quenching diode, which serves to protect electrical equipment from reverse current or voltage that occurs when the relay is disconnected.

Overall and installation dimensions

Габаритные и установочные размеры реле RKF4C

Relay connection and switching diagram

Схема подключения и коммутации реле RKF4C

The RKF4C relay can be used both directly for plug-in mounting, and together with the SKF14-E relay block for mounting on a DIN rail.

Overall dimensions of the pad and the "wiring" scheme

Габаритные размеры колодки SKF14-E и схема разводки

The main parameters of the relay

Rated coil voltage12VDC12VDC24VDC24VDC220VDC220VDC24VAC230VAC
Coil resistance180180640640420004200018016500
OptionsLED+test. buttonLED+test. button + protective extinguishing diode (A1+/A2-)LED+test. buttonLED+test. button + protective extinguishing diode (A1+/A2-)LED+test. buttonLED+test. button + protective extinguishing diode (A1+/A2-)LED+test. buttonLED+test. button
Configuration4 perekl.
Rated load current6A/250VAC, 30VDC
Max. switching power1500VA, 180W
Electrical resource (norm. temp-ra)≥40x10 4 (380 cycle/h)
Mechanical resource≥20x10 4 (18000 cycle/h)
Response time, ms≤20
Release time, ms≤20
Insulation resistance≥1000M (500VDC)
Rated shock voltage, V4000
Contact materialAgSnO2
Degree of protectionIP50