The RNC1C ultrathin relay manufactured by SHENLE

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Сверхтонкое реле RNC1C производства SHENLE

The Chinese company Shenle Corporation Ltd. specializes in the development, production and sales of more than 2,600 models of industrial relays. The history of the company can be traced back to 1985. It was then that the Yueqing Shenle relay factory was founded. In 1997, the company was restructured and transformed into Zhejiang Shenle Electric Co., Ltd. Finally, in 2014, through another restructuring, Shenle Co., Ltd. was founded and registered.

After 35 years of development, the company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and also entered the top ten relay manufacturers in China. The company produces relays for many well-known European brands, such as Schneider Electric, Weidmuller, Phoenix Contact, WAGO, Siemens, Honeywell. More than 65% of the company's products are exported abroad. The company's catalog includes more than 50 series and more than 2600 models of relays and accessories to them.

One of the relay models produced by the company is an ultra-thin relay of the RNC series. This relay is so named for a reason. The thickness of the relay is only 5mm. The relay coil has increased sensitivity and low power consumption. Relays can be used for long-term current load up to 6A. Also, these relays have a number of other advantages, such as high dielectric strength, high resistance to shock and vibration load.

RNC relays can be installed directly on the board.

Overall and installation dimensions of the relay

Габаритные и установочные размеры реле RNC1C

Switching scheme

Схема коммутации реле RNC1C

But the scope of application of these relays is not limited to the printed circuit board alone. It is possible to install the relay in special pads of the SNB05-E and SNC05-E series. It should be borne in mind that these pads serve not only for the convenience of installation and maintenance of the relay. They have built-in control circuit protection systems and display elements. Therefore, when choosing a relay block, you should be sure that the values of the control voltage do not exceed the values indicated on the block body. At the same time, the combined use of the relay and the corresponding pad turns such a combination into a full-fledged interface (relay) module.

The main parameters of the relay

Rated coil voltage512244860
Coil resistance14784732501097117143
Configuration1 perekl.
Rated load current6A 250VAC 30VDC
Max. switching power1500VA, 180W (AC1)
Electrical resource3*10 4 (600 cycle/hour)
Mechanical resource≥2000*10 4 (1800 cycle/hour)
Response time, ms≤8
Release time, ms≤4
Insulation resistance≥10000M (500VDC)
Rated shock voltage4000V 1.25/50 µsec.
Contact materialAgSnO2
Degree of protectionIP60