Starting capacitors K78-17 from SKZ


Пусковые конденсаторы К78-17 от СКЗ

Severo-Zadonsky Capacitor Plant (SKZ) is one of the largest manufacturers of film and electrolytic capacitors of direct and alternating current. The company was founded in 1965, and today has a production capacity of more than 50 million units of capacitors per year. The company's products are widely in demand in the electrical engineering market and receive high marks from consumers and partners.

In the assortment of our company, the products of the SKZ plant are represented by starting capacitors of the K78-17 series.

Metallized capacitors K78-17 are based on a polypropylene film dielectric, characterized by a very low scattering coefficient, high dielectric strength, specific energy density, low dielectric losses, and good frequency response. The sections are wound on a plastic core, a polypropylene film metallized by vacuum spraying with zinc with an aluminum sublayer with a reinforced zinc edge is used as the lining of the capacitors, in connection with which a tighter contact is achieved between the metallized layers of the film and the terminals of the capacitors and ensures a minimum tangent of the dielectric loss angle. Capacitors have a unique self-healing property, which ensures stable operation in AC circuits.

Capacitors K78-17 are mainly focused on:

  • increasing the power factor and interference suppression in circuits with gas discharge lamps, washing machines, dishwashers, electric pumps, refrigeration compressors, etc.;
  • ensuring the start/operation of asynchronous motors – single-phase or three-phase when they are connected to a single-phase network with a frequency of no more than 60 Hz.

Film capacitors K78-17 are designed for operation in the temperature range from -60°C to +85°C and belong to the climatic category 60/85/21, the operating time for failure is 30,000 hours.
For more detailed technical specifications, see the Specifications for capacitors on the product page.