B82141A – miniature inductors for output mounting from TDK

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Inductance is one of the basic elements in electrical engineering and electronics. Depending on the design features of inductive elements, the purpose and conditions of their use are determined. Inductors for output mounting on a printed circuit board from TDK have been widely used due to the ease of installation, stability of overall dimensions and technical characteristics, high quality and reliability.

The inductance of the B82141A series is an inductor of the SBC type (Small Bobbin Core) with terminals for mounting on a printed circuit board through holes, designed for use as a choke at radio frequencies. The design features of the inductors B82141A are a miniature ferrite core of the coil, winding with enameled copper wire, fire-resistant paint coating of the element.

Vneshnij vid i format upakovki induktivnostej serii B82141AAppearance and packaging format of the B82141A series inductors

Distinctive features of the B82141A series are: small overall dimensions (this is the smallest series of inductors for output mounting at TDK) - 3.0x6.8 mm (øhL), relatively high rated current, can be used for wave soldering in an automated way. The rated inductance in the series is from 1 to 1000 MCG, the rated current is from 55 to 725 mA.

Grafik zavisimosti induktivnosti i dopustimogo nominal'nogo tokaGraph of the dependence of inductance and permissible rated currentImpedans v zavisimosti ot chastoty v serii B82141A Impedance as a function of frequency in the B82141A series

The value of the nominal inductance and tolerance are encoded by a color code of 4 rings on the inductance housing B82141A . To determine the values, you can use the online calculator on our website, or determine them from the following table:

Tablica rasshifrovki cvetovogo koda induktivnostej B82141ADecoding table of the inductance color code B82141A

The B82141A series inductors are most widely used as radio frequency chokes for low-frequency and high-frequency decoupling of signal circuits and control circuits, for filtering supply voltages, in other filters and for all applications in which electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) must be ensured. Popular applications are consumer electronics, gaming and entertainment devices, lighting, automotive electronics, telecommunications, industrial electronics.

For more details, the technical characteristics of the inductors of the B82141A series are presented in the Specifications on the product page.