Tekcell Lithium batteries


Tekcell lithium batteries (manufactured by Vitzrocell, South Korea) are current sources designed for professional and household use. The Tekcell brand is widely known in the battery market due to its flexible pricing policy and high quality products.

The assortment of our company includes:

Lithium-thionyl chloride SB series current sources

Литий-тионилхлоридные источники тока серии SB

The bobbintype batteries are designed to operate in low-current mode and are focused on the backup power supply of storage devices. Operating temperature from -55 to 85°C. The negative electrode is made by lithium deposition on the inner surface of the housing. Most of the volume of the battery case is occupied by a porous cathode. The batteries are designed to power the devices with a small current for a long time.

Technical characteristics of SB series batteries

  • High and stable operating voltage
  • Low self-discharge rate (less than 1% per year at a storage temperature of 20°C)
  • Operating temperature -55°C...+85°C
  • Non-flammable inorganic electrolyte
  • Bobbin type ("coil" type)
  • Sealed metal-glass structure for leak-free operation
Model SB-AA02SB-AA11SB-A01SB-C02SB-D02
Standard size1/2 AAAAACD
Rated voltage3.6 V 3.6 V 3.6 V 3.6 V 3.6 V
Rated capacity1.2 A•h2.5 A•h3.65 Ah8.5 A•h19.0 Ah
Standard discharge current1 mA2 mA3 mA4 mA6 mA
Maximum continuous discharge current20 mA60 mA70 mA80 mA100 mA
Maximum pulse discharge current50 mA100 mA160 mA180 mA250 mA
Outer diameter14.1 mm14.1 mm16.6 mm25.6 mm33.5 mm
Height24.7 mm50.1 mm50.3 mm49.5 mm59.4 mm
Weight9 g16 g24 g51 g100 g
Operating temperature range-55 / +85°C-55 / +85°C-55 / +85°C-55 / +85°C-55 / +85°C

Lithium dioxide manganese current sources of the CR series

Литий-диоксид марганцевые источники тока серии CR

Batteries with a spiral type of electrode (spiral type) provide a high and stable operating voltage, are durable and safe, have a low self-discharge (less than 2% per year), remain operational for up to ten years, give out a large current (800...3500 mA) and have a significant capacity (850...2400 mAh). The battery housing is made of stainless steel, the membrane separating the electrodes is made of polypropylene.
To protect against overheating and short circuit, a thermistor with a positive temperature characteristic is present in the battery design. When heated, its resistance increases slightly, but when it reaches +85°C, the resistance increases sharply, which leads to a decrease in the current through the battery to a minimum value.
Tekcell lithium-dioxide manganese batteries are used to power backup storage devices, clocks, calendars, water meters, gas meters, automotive electronics.

Technical characteristics of CR series batteries

  • High and stable operating voltage
  • Low self-discharge rate (less than 2% per year at a storage temperature of +20°C)
  • Operating temperature -30°C...+60°C
  • Non-flammable inorganic electrolyte
  • Metal-glass sealed structure
Model CR123ACR2CR17450
Rated voltage3 In 3 In 3 In
Rated capacity1.5 A•h0.85 A•h2.4 A•h
Maximum continuous discharge current1000 mA800 mA1000 mA
Maximum pulse discharge current3500 mA2500 mA3000 mA
Outer diameter17.1 mm15.6 mm16.5 mm
Height34.5 mm27.3 mm44.5 mm
Weight16 g11.5 g23 g
Operating temperature range-30 / +60°C-30 / +60°C-30 / +60°C

More detailed technical specifications are presented in the Specifications on the product page.