UT673A/UT675A Car Battery Tester from Uni Trend

UT673A/UT675A Car Battery Tester from Uni Trend

A new batch of car battery testers from Uni Trend (Uni-T) UT673A / UT675A has arrived at the CHIP and DIP warehouse.

UT673A/UT675A battery testers are designed to analyze the performance of car batteries and are suitable for batteries with a capacity from 30Ah to 200Ah. These testers can quickly and accurately detect common battery malfunctions. The UT675A has a USB port and a built-in printer for generating reports.

Features of UT673A/UT675A Battery Testers

  • Testing a 12 V lead-acid battery when cranking
  • Checking the charging or cranking system 12/24 V
  • Display of battery capacity, voltage, resistance and service life
  • The Kelvin Test
  • Test 10 types of battery standards
  • LED color indication of the test result (UT673A)
  • Printing real-time test reports (UT675A)
  • Data transfer via USB (UT675A)

Technical specifications

12V battery Test7~16V DC
Checking the 12 V/24 V cranking system7~30V DC
12V/24V Charging System Test7~30V DC
Battery Type
Conventional Lead acid battery, AGM flat plate battery, AGM spiral battery, GEL battery, EFB battery
Battery capacity3~250Ah
Standard and range of battery usage
CCA: 40 ~ 2000;BCI: 40 ~ 2000;CA: 40 ~ 2000;MCA: 40 ~ 2000;JIS: 26A17 ~ 245H52;DIN: 40 ~ 1400;IEC: 40 ~ 1400;EN: 40 ~ 2000;SAE: 40 ~ 2000;AH: 3 ~ 250AH
Surge protection
Reverse connection protection
A hint about a bad contact
Battery status display
Battery life indicator
Battery capacity display
Battery internal resistance indicator
Communication via USB
Print function