Portable oscilloscope Uni-Trend UTD1050DL

Portativnyj oscillograf Uni-Trend UTD1050DL

UTD1050DL is an economical handheld digital storage oscilloscope, it has an oscilloscope, a multimeter and a waveform recording function. Compact and portable design provides users with ease of use. The oscilloscope can be powered by an external power source or built-in lithium batteries.

Basic parameters:

  • 50 MHz bandwidth
  • 2 analog channels
  • Real-time sampling rate 250 MSa/s
  • Maximum memory depth 12 kpts
  • Built-in multimeter
  • Battery life 6 hours
  • Screen with high resolution and contrast
  • 22 types of automatic measurements

Fast and accurate automatic tuning for signals containing any DC component.

UTD1050DL. Bystraya i tochnaya avtomaticheskaya nastrojka dlya signalov, soderzhaschix lyuboj komponent postoyannogo toka

Vertical transmission and timeline transmission can be automatically adjusted when the signal changes without manual intervention.

UTD1050DL. Vertikal'naya peredacha i peredacha po vremennoj shkale mogut byt' avtomaticheski otregulirovany pri izmenenii signala

22 types of measured parameters:
Peak to Peak, Amplitude, Maximum, Minimum, Top, Bottom, Mid, Average, RMS, Overshoot, Preshoot, Frequency, Period, Rise Time, Fall Time, Positive Pulse Width, Negative pulse width, Positive duty cycle, Negative duty cycle, Rising delay, Falling delay.

UTD1050DL. 22 tipa izmeryaemyx parametrov

In the CHIP and DIP assortment, all portable and stationary oscilloscopes from the manufacturer Uni-Trend are available in stock and on order.