Uni Trend UTG1022X and UTG1042X signal generators


Generatory signalov Uni Trend UTG1022X i UTG1042X

The CHIP and DIP warehouse received new products from Uni Trend (Uni-T) - two-channel signal generators at 20 and 40 MHz: UTG1022X and UTG1042X.

UTG1022X and UTG1042X provide accurate and stable output signal with a resolution of only 1 MHz. These are economical, high-performance and multifunctional arbitrary waveform generators. They generate accurate, stable, clean output signals with low distortion.

Thanks to convenient operation and excellent technical performance, the generators meet all the needs in a wide range of applications.

Basic parameters:

  • Maximum output frequency 20/40 MHz
  • Sampling rate 200MSa/s
  • Vertical resolution 16bit
  • Two channels
  • Arbitrary wavelength 4kpts

Simultaneous operation of 2 high-performance channels.

Odnovremennaya rabota 2-x vysokoproizvoditel'nyx kanalov

Ability to generate a square wave up to 10MHz, fast front, jitter less than 200ps, cleaner signal.

Vozmozhnost' generirovat' pryamougol'nuyu volnu do 10MHz, bystryj front, drozhanie menee 200ps, bolee chistyj signal

A large offset and a small output signal provide a cleaner, and higher signal-to-noise ratio.

Bol'shoe smeschenie i malyj vyxodnoj signal obespechivayut bolee chistoe, i vysokoe otnoshenie signal/shum

Three methods of generating pulse sequences.

Tri metoda generacii posledovatel'nostej impul'sov

Multiple modulation modes: AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PSK and PWM - seven methods of analog and digital modulation.

Neskol'ko rezhimov modulyacii: AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PSK i PWM - sem' metodov analogovoj i cifrovoj modulyacii

Support for linear and logarithmic frequency sweep method.

Podderzhka linejnogo i logarifmicheskogo metoda razvertki chastoty

In the CHIP and DIP warehouse, a wide range of signal generators from Uni Trend is available and on order.