Uni-Trend Spectrum Analyzer UTS1015T and UTS1032T


Analizator spektra Uni-Trend UTS1015T i UTS1032T

Spectrum analyzers from Uni-Trend UTS1015T and UTS1032T in the CHIP and DIP warehouse.

The main parameters of the models

  • The frequency range is 9kHz~1.5GHz (UTS1015T), 9kHz~3.2GHz (UTS1032T)
  • RBW 1Hz~1MHz
  • Phase noise - 98dBc/Hz @10kHz
  • DANL - 161dBm
  • 10.1 inch TFT LCD
  • USB/LAN interface, SCPI pro support

Features of the analyzers

10.1-inch high definition multi-touch HD capacitive screen. Quick menu settings. Supports a variety of gesture operations such as dragging, unfolding and zooming images, and others.

10,1-dyujmovyj emkostnyj ekran. Bystrye nastrojki menyu. Operacii s zhestami

High resolution of the signal of neighboring non-equal amplitudes.

Vysokaya razreshayuschaya sposobnost' signala

The analyzer has a low level of bottom noise and allows you to make more accurate measurements. Even weak signals can be measured.

Nizkij uroven' donnogo shuma i bolee tochnye izmereniya

The analyzer provides up to 10,001 scan points, providing higher frequency resolution, making it easier to capture signals that are difficult to detect.

Vysokoe razreshenie po chastote

4 traces are provided to facilitate comparative observation and search for abnormal signals. Intuitive and convenient operation.

Intuitivno ponyatnoe i udobnoe upravlenie

Advanced detector functions: positive peak, negative peak, sampling, standard, average, quasi-peak.

Rasshirennye funkcii detektora

Advanced functionality: channel power, time domain power, occupied bandwidth, third-order intermodulation, adjacent channel power, spectrum monitoring, carrier-to-noise ratio, harmonic.

Rasshirennyj funkcional

The full technical description is available at the link on our website.

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