Thermal imaging monocular Uni-Trend UTx325


Тепловизионный монокуляр Uni-Trend UTx325

The UTx325 is a lightweight and portable thermal imaging monocular equipped with a 384×288 infrared detector and a 0.4-inch 1280×960 LCOS display. This thermal imaging monocular can take photos, store and connect to an external screen for viewing. The frame rate of 50 Hz allows you to observe moving objects without delay.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • IR resolution: 384×288
  • Display: 1280×960 0.4" LCOS
  • Hot tracing
  • Color palettes: 5 (Black hot, White hot, Hottest, Ironbow, Rainbow)
  • Image analysis using PC software
  • IP67
  • Resistance to falling from a height of 2 m

Main technical parameters

Display0.4-inch LCOS (1280×960)
Type of detectorUFPA
IR resolution (pixels)384×288
Spectral range8 ~ 14 microns
Pixel size12 microns
Frame rate≤50 Hz
Thermal sensitivity≤40 mK
StuntManual focus
The focal length of the lens25mm
Field of View (FOV)10.5° (D) x 7.9° (H)
Diopter correction -4D~+5D
Digital zoom2x, 4x / 1.0~4x continuous
Calibration modesAutomatic, Manual, Background
Video OutputMCX Interface
Battery4000 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Working hours≥8 hours
USB portType C
Memory16 GB of internal memory
ProtectionIP67 and protection against falls from a height of 2 m

Examples of using a monocular

Примеры применения монокуляра UTx325

Примеры применения монокуляра UTx325