Industrial RS-232/422/485 - Ethernet Converter from Waveshare Electronics


Promyshlennyj RS-232/422/485 - Ethernet preobrazovatel' ot Waveshare Electronics

If the task is to connect industrial equipment into a single network or organize access to devices over long distances, then you cannot do without a serial interface converter to Ethernet.

The range includes a bidirectional converter of RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 interfaces to Ethernet from Waveshare industrial class. The solution combines several functions in one device, such as serial server, Modbus gateway, MQTT gateway, RS485 in JSON, etc. It is available in two versions: RS232/485/422 TO ETH (B) - powered by a power supply unit (with a 5.5 x 2.1mm connector) and RS232/485/422 TO POE ETH (B) - with a PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply function.

The device is suitable for polling metering devices and sensors, remote monitoring, downloading programs for various PLCs, connecting equipment to automation systems at facilities where there is wired access to a local network or the Internet.

Ustrojstvo podxodit dlya oprosa priborov uchyota i datchikov, udalennogo monitoringa, zagruzki programm dlya razlichnyx PLK, podklyucheniya oborudovaniya k sistemam avtomatizacii na ob

Conversion modes of operation:

Converting Ethernet to RS232/485/422 - The Ethernet port can send data to three serial ports simultaneously.

Preobrazovanie Ethernet v RS232/485/422

RS232/422/485 to Ethernet conversion - Only one of the serial ports can simultaneously send data to the Ethernet port.

Preobrazovanie RS232/422/485 v Ethernet

Standard software functions:

  • Support for TCP server, TCP client, UDP mode and UDP multicast. When used as a TCP client, it supports TCP server functions. Supports 30 TCP connections as a TCP server and 7 destination IP addresses as a TCP client;
  • The supported data transfer rate is from 1200 to 115,200 bps, the data bit is 5...9 bits, and the parity bit can be set: no parity, odd parity, even parity, mark and space;
  • Supports the function of sending the MAC address when the device is connected, which is convenient for cloud device management;
  • Provides an additional DLL for searching and configuring devices on the computer side;
  • Web browser configuration support, DHCP support for dynamically obtaining an IP address, and DNS protocol for connecting the domain name server address;
  • Support for remote device search in the cloud, configuring device settings and updating device programs;
  • Support for viewing TCP connection status, as well as sending and receiving data via serial port. The virtual serial port also supports the monitoring function.

Advanced software features:

  • Support Modbus gateway function, support Modbus RTU for Modbus TCP. Can support Modbus type storage, which can automatically collect and store device data;
  • Multi-host feature support: In single question and single answer request mode, it supports a network port, allowing multiple computers to access the same serial port device at the same time;
  • Support for the MQTT gateway function;
  • JSON support for Modbus RTU and 645-meter protocol, support for uploading data in HTTP POST, HTTP GET format;
  • Support for the NTP protocol to obtain network time, which is used to output the serial port, and the latter is used to download the contents of the protocol;
  • Supports the functions of the custom heartbeat package and the registration package: it can facilitate communication with the cloud and device identification;
  • Supports the feature that TCP requires password authentication to establish a connection in order to ensure the security of the connection;
  • Support the data transfer and delivery function using HTTP, and the cloud can directly use the GET HTTP command to communicate with the serial port of the device.

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