ZTT series ceramic resonators – selection and application features


The creation of electronic devices using a microcontroller (MC) necessarily requires the use of a clock generator for clocking the CPU. Many families of microcontrollers have a clock generator based on the RC chain, but the accuracy of the built-in generator is usually not high. Therefore, for critical applications, especially those related to data transmission or accurate measurements, it is advisable to use an external quartz or ceramic resonator to generate the clock frequency.

Схема подключения резонатора к микроконтроллеруConnection diagram of the resonator to the microcontroller

The classical method of connecting a quartz or ceramic resonator to a microcontroller is carried out using two small capacitors (tens of pF), which requires additional space on the printed circuit board next to the MC, and also complicates its wiring. Ceramic resonators of the ZTT series have built-in capacitors with a capacity of 30pF, which distinguishes them favorably from resonators of other series, which require additional capacitors.

Внешний вид и схема керамических резонаторов серии ZTTAppearance and scheme of ceramic resonators of the ZTT series

Ceramic resonators of the ZTT series are available in a wide frequency range – from 1.8 to 60 MHz, which allows you to choose a suitable resonator with the desired resonance frequency for almost most families of microcontrollers from various manufacturers. The most popular frequencies in our range – 2, 8, 10, 12, 16, 24 MHz. Also, the key parameters of ceramic resonators are:

  • Frequency accuracy (at a temperature of +25°C): ±0.5%
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C...+80°C
  • Temperature stability in the operating temperature range: ±0.3%

The use of ceramic resonators of the ZTT series for clock frequency stabilization in some applications is more attractive than quartz resonators. In comparison with quartz resonators, ceramic resonators have the following advantages: more mass and cheaper production, low cost, high mechanical strength, small overall size. ZTT resonators are better adapted to reduce fluctuations in external circuits or the voltage of the power supply due to the use of mechanical resonance, and ensure the stability of the oscillation frequency without additional adjustment.

More detailed technical characteristics of ceramic resonators of the ZTT series on the product page.