ER14250M (1 / 2AA), Battery lithium 800 mAh, 14.5x25.2 (1pc) 3.6V, high current

ER14250M (1 / 2AA), Battery lithium 800 mAh, 14.5x25.2 (1pc) 3.6V, high current
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Brand: Robiton


Non-rechargeable lithium-thionyl chloride (LiSOCl2) battery ER14250M spiral type, high current.
Designed for long-term operation with high current consumption and is intended for the main autonomous power supply of gas, water and electricity meters, CMOS drives, night vision systems, fire and security alarm sensors, ATMs, vending machines, marine and navigation equipment, etc. Requires depassivation.
  • Operating voltage: 3.6V
  • Rated capacity: 800mAh (discharge current 1.0mA to 2.0V)
  • Maximum continuous discharge current: 100mA
  • Maximum pulse discharge current: 200mA
  • Size: 1/2AA
  • Nominal size: 25.5x14.5mm
  • Type: spiral
  • Operating temperature range: from -55°S to +85°S
  • Self-discharge no more than 1% per year at a temperature of +21°S
  • Shelf life under conditions: at least 10 years
  • After storage, depassivation with a current of 20mA for 30 minutes is required to reach the operating voltage

Technical parameters

Form factor 1/2AA
Chemical type Lithium battery
Standard size LS14250, ER14250
Rated voltage, V 3.6
Quantity per pack, pcs. 1
Weight, g 11

Technical documentation

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