HDMI / I2S audio adapter, I2S interface transceiver via HDMI

HDMI / I2S audio adapter, I2S interface transceiver via HDMI
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The module is designed to transmit in-circuit I2S signals over long distances, which allows, for example, to separate the USB converter and DAC into separate blocks.
The modules are connected to each other with a standard HDMI cable. Each module can be an I2S transmitter or receiver. In addition to a set of I2S signals - MCLK, LR, BCLK, Data, I2C bus signals can be transmitted through the modules to configure the DAC. The diagram shows the pinout of the HDMI connector.
Any signal can be configured to receive or transmit.
Input/output signal level: TTL 3.3V
Supply voltage external or via HDMI connector: 5V



Purpose of connectors

Purpose of connectors

Technical parameters

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Technical documentation

I2S_HDMI scheme
pdf, 37 КБ
KiCad project I2S_HDMI
zip, 73 КБ

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