Young physicist Start. Electricity, Scientific educational set

Young physicist Start. Electricity, Scientific educational set
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The "START" series is suitable for beginner experimenters. Educational set “Young physicist Start. Electricity" will tell children about electricity: introduce the basics of electricity and electrochemistry, explain what electrostatics is. The kit includes a book with a detailed description of 65 experiments.

Recommended age: from 9 years old.

battery pack
Light-emitting diode
Universal clamps
Clips "crocodile"
Copper and zinc plates (electrodes)
Wire rack, spheres with axes, stands
plastic glasses
Glass rod, plastic straws, balloon
Aluminum foil, copper foil, galvanized nails
Piece of skin, plastic strip
Copper electrode, three kinds of wire
Candle, plasticine, toothpicks
Paper clips, electrical tape
Syringe and plastic knife
plastic spoon
Hooks, plastic tube
Files, thin paper, silk patch
112-page set guide book with 75 color illustrations

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