LDDS-350HW, DC/DC LED Driver, In 12-56V, Out 2-45V/350mA, LED Lighting Converter

LDDS-350HW, DC/DC LED Driver, In 12-56V, Out 2-45V/350mA, LED Lighting Converter
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Brand / Manufacturer: MEAN WELL


The LDDS series power supplies are low-power direct current (DC) to direct current (DC) converters (LED drivers) for powering current-stabilized LED products - luminaires, LED modules and individual LEDs. The type of DC/DC converter is step-down, in this topology the output voltage range is shifted down relative to the input voltage. LDDS power supplies operate in a wide input voltage range - from 12 to 56V (DC), with an output voltage range - from 2 to 45V (DC). The features of LDDS power supplies are: stabilization of the output current ( Constant Current, CC ); high efficiency; wired outputs (wire style); miniature elongated plastic body (for use in track lights).
In the LDDS converter series, the model is determined by the value of the stabilized output current - 250, 300, 350, 500, 700, 1000 mA (for example, LDDS-300HW, LDDS-700HW). Also in the series there are two modifications (encoded by the last letter):
  • No letter - no dimming. There is only a remote on / off function.
  • B - there is 3-in-1 dimming (PWM, 0-10V DC, external resistance), with the power supply turned off completely.

Technical parameters

Input voltage, V 12…56
Output voltage range, V 2…45
Maximum output current, A 0.35
Power, W 15.75
Dimensions, mm 47x12x7
Series ldds
Weight, g 10

Technical documentation

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Power_Sources_MEAN WELL
pdf, 993 КБ

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