MMB02070C4708FB200, Resistor

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Professional MELF resistors MMU 0102
Vishay / Beyschlag MELF resistors MMU 0102 Professional Series are professional thin film resistors with advanced technology designed for use in most areas of modern professional electronics where reliability and stability are of great importance. . The MMU 0102 series, available in DIN rail size 0102 and CECC RC 2211M, has a resistance range of 0.22Ohm to 2.21MOhm and an operating voltage of 150V. The MELF series Vishay/Beyschlag MMU 0102 offer force-fit steel caps (tin-plated on a nickel barrier), pure Sn termination on a Ni barrier layer, and are compatible with lead (Pb). - lead-containing soldering process.

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