NGL201, Single channel power supply

Photo 1/5 NGL201, Single channel power supply
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Characteristics R& S ® NGL200
Number of channels 1 or 2
Voltage per channel 0 V to 20 V
Max. current per channel ≤ 6V: 6A, > 6V: 3A
Max. output power per channel 60 W
Load recovery time < 30 µs
Ripple and noise < 500 µV (RMS) / < 1 mA (RMS)
Resolution when setting values 1 mV/0.1 mA
Permission for taking readings 10 µV / 10 µA
Electronic loads 60 W / 3 A

Key features:
1/ Minimum ripple and noise.
Ideal for power amplifiers and MIC development
2/ Optimized load recovery time.
< 30 µs due to optimized control loop design
Minimal overshoot (even under difficult load conditions)
3/ Two-quadrant mode
Linear two-quadrant amplifier output
Load and source mode
4/ 6 ½-digit indicator
When measuring voltage, current and power
5/ Clear color coding of channels for quick results
6/ Galvanically isolated channels
7/ Parallel and serial mode
8/ Protective functions and safety restrictions
9/ Interfaces for remote control of all device parameters
USB device
USB host
GPIB (IEE-488)
Digital input/output

Application possibilities:
1/ Battery testing
Discharging and charging
Battery Life Cycle
Simulation of various battery models (adjustable source impedance)
2/ Voltage drop simulation
Behavior of the test module during voltage drops
Different duration and voltage levels
Example: connecting an additional load
3/ Power consumption test
Solutions for Accurate Power Measurement
Large dynamic range - from a few microamps to several amps
4/ Power supply for sensitive components
Devices are increasingly equipped with transistors with increased sensitivity to interference in power circuits
Excessive noise on the power circuits affects timing, increases gating delay, and increases the chance of timing errors

Technical parameters

Source type linear
Output voltage, V 20
Output current, A 6
State Register of the Russian Federation No

Technical documentation